Virgin at 25, What It Feels for You

Virgin at 25, What It Feels for You

All that was of the order of inhibitions and of the social complex generally disappears quickly enough. Some women immediately meet someone with whom they build a stable story, others will flirt a little more … It is rare to see a real bulimia of sexual experiences, like those young divorced who accumulate conquests.

And the men in all that?

It is important for women who are still virgins in their thirties to be aware that they are not the only ones. For the past ten years, more and more men have been handsome, intelligent, have a sense of humor and good professional situations consult because they have never taken the step with any woman.

Very often, these are men who have had an intense love relationship when they were teenagers. One day it ended for one reason or another, as often at this age. Since then, they have not managed to mourn it and move on to a more mature story. So is it bad to be a virgin, and satisfy your sexual need by watching xxx porn?

  • In a society where sex is everywhere and even used to sell food, it’s hard to admit that at 30, we have never made love. Portrait of a secret still well kept!

virgin at 25

Side effects of being a virgin at 30

Even if it remains a minority, the phenomenon is not as marginal as it seems! It only takes a few clicks on the Internet to realize it. They are numerous to find themselves on forums especially dedicated to the question of the late virginity. Girls and boys speak freely about what is often experienced as a burden for them, without fear of being judged.

Of course, there are those for whom it is a religious choice, and for whom abstinence will end at the time of marriage, and those who live their virginity very well. But many others suffer from this state of affairs. They feel they are not normal and do not dare to talk about it. So how does it feel to be a virgin at 25.

Maybe these women are looking for the perfect man too much, idealizing what a relationship should be before having sex.

Since this perfection does not exist, it can be a way to discard

To say that they have not found the ideal person and therefore they will have no relationship, “says the gynecologist.

  • Sublimation, which consists in preferring to believe Prince Charming at all costs, rather than confronting reality, is often what explains late virginity. In other words, the person always finds a defect. There are psychological effects of being a virgin also.
  • To the potential partner, which serves as a less conscious pretext for breaking the relationship?
  • A late virginity is also explained by the sexual vagueness: the person is not quite sure of his orientations but prefers to avoid sex to not find the answers to his questions. A difficult relationship to one’s body, often linked to the image that parents send back during childhood, can also lead to
  • Blockage in the act of acting as an adult. Finally, trauma (touching during childhood, for example) is only rarely the cause of late virginity.