The Secure Options for Feeling Safe

The Secure Options for Feeling Safe

Our brain plays the role of a guardian whose job is to protect us from danger. When detected, the stress response system ignites.

Admittedly, the dangers are sometimes real, but most of the time, vigilance is expressed disproportionately. This results in a very uncomfortable state of anxiety.

But to feel safe and secure? You need to be specific now.

1) Relax your body

We invite you to read this article which details some ways to relax. They are simple to put in place with almost immediate effects.

We particularly recommend cardiac coherence and mindfulness meditation.

2) Visualize

Imagine yourself in the company of trusted people who have already shown kindness to you.

You can even push the exercise until you imagine yourself in a kind of protective energy field (like a force field).

After all, we can act as we wish on our imagination; do not deprive us of it. The brain does not differentiate between reality and what we imagine. There is a lot to do to make you feel secure.

feeling safe

3) Surround yourself with supports

Spend more time with people who love you and care about your well-being. If you are separated from them, go to point imagining with them and pick up your phone to exchange as needed.

4) Practice full awareness of fear

To express his fears minimize them When anxiety appears, put words on how you feel. The fact of writing or expressing oneself orally favors the disappearance of these fears by a regulation of the amygdala. There are ways to feel more secure now here.

5) Be realistic (my favorite method)

How lucky is it that what you fear happens? What would be the worst scenario? What solutions are within your reach to counter this?

To be realistic is also to exorcise the fears and negative processes resulting from our past experiences. Many come from our childhood.

When you’re young,

A – We do not choose his family, his school, and his peers

B – Parents and a lot of people have more power than themselves

C – We have limited resources

Now that we are adults:

A – We have more freedom of action

B – We have reduced the power gap between us and others

C – We do not lack internal and external resources

So when a fear appears, we can ask ourselves what are our options if we consider the power we have. Write all these options and commit ourselves quickly to their realization. Action relieves fears.

Let me explain: in my opinion, the rules of the game have changed. Previously, to be safe, we had to have a permanent contract, own our home, be married before the mayor and God to lock things in, and have 2 children to be sure to perpetuate the species.

Today these rules are no longer valid

Being on a permanent contract no longer guarantees job security: the employment center is full of people who were on permanent contracts before losing their job.

To be married in front of the mayor or before God is no longer enough to guarantee the end of our life with our spouse, as indicated by the hallucinating rate of separations.